Ep #38 - Charting the New Media path Ft. Kishen Das | Content Creator Listen now (45 min) | Kishen Das candidly opening up about establishing a career in new media.
A rare show biz icon who can be a legit role model to the next generation
A 3-step framework that has worked wonders when I am deciding what to write on.
A chat with the author of this practical handbook on gender equality that is #1 Best-Seller on AmazonListen now (44 min) | Speaking with Awakening the Rainmaker's author Nishtha Anand
Next 'Notion' from India? Decoding the OSlash Hype with its CEO Ankit Pansari OSlash CEO's first (and only) podcast appearance since its explosion (Including Product Tour)
Ep - #35 - Six Degrees of Body w/ Vignesh Vijayakumar | FreshworksWe all know Body. The question is by how many degrees.
Ep #34 - Building the world's largest backpackers hostel w/ Dharamveer Singh, CEO, ZostelListen now (56 min) | Unbridled wisdom from one of India's pioneers in the travel and hospitality industry.
Ep #33 - SaaS' Greatest Growth Hacker Commits $100m to Indian founders through Founderpath | Nathan LatkaListen now (47 min) | Nathan Latka appears on an Indian podcast for the first time ever!
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